Monday, April 13, 2009

Three Cheers Cupcakes

I must tell you about my new friend Dee.  She and her friend Kristin have a cupcake business, Three Cheers Cupcakes.  I ate no fewer, and maybe a little more, than three of these divine creations Saturday night, when they were featured at La Petit Mort Gallery's Youth League and the Spies hosted event, Insta-bar by Bruno Souliere. 

I had my own cupcake making triumph last weekend at a baby shower I hosted.  I made mini cupcakes with butter icing and was quite proud of them, even though they were a little dry. But Dee's masterpieces were so moist and decadent, and so skillfully decorated and displayed, I was humbled.  I tried the Classic Chocolate and the German Chocolate with coconut pecan frosting (it's vegan!).  I also got to taste the Caliente (chocolate with spiciness)  and the simple yet glorious Snow White.  I think my favorite, though was Lucky Lemon with the lemon curd filling. 

Last night I actually dreamt about the Chai Latte cupcake that I've heard so much about.  So I had to let you know that Three Cheers Cupcakes are available at Xpresso Cafe, 179 George Street. Or you can order them directly for your next event.