Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Kris and I did a road trip from Halifax to New York and we've been in food fabulous NY for 5 days now. There were some ups and downs in the road trip food department, of course. But on day 2 we had breakfast at an old fashioned ice cream and lime rickey joint at beautiful Old Orchard Beach in Maine. Egg, ham and american cheese on a bagel. Wonderful.

Later that day, we ended up in Providence, Rhode Island for a late lunchtime.

We felt our way through downtown to a gorgeous neighborhood on the hillside. We walked up the hill and Hallelujah, there was Geoff's. A quirky little take out sandwich joint in the midst of some very stately looking houses and around the corner from the Rhode Island School of Design.

These guys have the hugest sandwich menu I've ever seen on chalkboards on the walls and there's a barrel of half sour pickles for the taking in the middle of the place. I ordered a chicken salad sandwich with spinach and cranberry sauce and got into a discussion about the nature of sarsaparilla with the very friendly staff.

The sandwiches were humongous, in true American style, fresh and thoroughly satisfying, on thick soft rye bread, or whatever kind of bread you choose. (Note to self: remember to take pictures BEFORE eating half the plate.)

We were so lucky to have stumbled across this place. I have great travel food instincts! What can I say?

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