Friday, October 17, 2008


What?  I have a blog?  Oops, I forgot.  

It's such a pleasure to give a new restaurant a good review.  There is a new Korean restaurant on Somerset and I'm pleased to report that I like it!  I visited Koreana for lunch with my friend Sara.  On the corner of Somerset and Arthur, Koreana is a beautiful old space with high ceilings and exposed brick walls.    

We were warmly welcomed by the very sweet, attentive and rather inexperienced staff and ordered from the lunch menu, which is very reasonably priced.  I had the Bulgogi and Sara had something similar.  (Time to start carrying a note pad.)  We were brought a Korean pancake to start and then the 4 dishes of seaweed (my fave), Kimchi, the radish thing, and the bean sprout thing.  And miso soup.  They just kept bringing things!  Our table became full of unexpected deliciousness.  The Bulgogi was not super exciting, but very satisfying and fun.  And with the bill, a little plate of fresh fruit.  So lovely! 

 For 8 or 9 dollars, it was totally worth it and Sara and I are already planning our next trip. 

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rance said...

I love Koreana!!!!