Monday, April 13, 2009

Three Cheers Cupcakes

I must tell you about my new friend Dee.  She and her friend Kristin have a cupcake business, Three Cheers Cupcakes.  I ate no fewer, and maybe a little more, than three of these divine creations Saturday night, when they were featured at La Petit Mort Gallery's Youth League and the Spies hosted event, Insta-bar by Bruno Souliere. 

I had my own cupcake making triumph last weekend at a baby shower I hosted.  I made mini cupcakes with butter icing and was quite proud of them, even though they were a little dry. But Dee's masterpieces were so moist and decadent, and so skillfully decorated and displayed, I was humbled.  I tried the Classic Chocolate and the German Chocolate with coconut pecan frosting (it's vegan!).  I also got to taste the Caliente (chocolate with spiciness)  and the simple yet glorious Snow White.  I think my favorite, though was Lucky Lemon with the lemon curd filling. 

Last night I actually dreamt about the Chai Latte cupcake that I've heard so much about.  So I had to let you know that Three Cheers Cupcakes are available at Xpresso Cafe, 179 George Street. Or you can order them directly for your next event.  


Amanda said...

Kristin and Dee are my sister and best friend, respectively. I am so proud of their cupcake business! I am totally unbiased when I say that they are cupcake geniuses. Delicious! It makes me really happy to see that people enjoy their creations. :)

Three Cheers Cupcakes said...

We're so happy you liked the cupcakes! We had a blast at Bruno's exhibit!

-Dee and Kristin :)