Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hippie Food

Here's a hidden gem for you. I was taken to this place for lunch by the young vegan cousin of my girlfriend visiting from Vancouver. I've known the market area for 7 years or so and never heard of Peace Garden, inside 47 Clarence. It's gotta be the hippiest place in town. And I love hippies!

On Canada day Kris and I ventured into the market to try to get food, not an easy feat. We were not in the mood to stand in line for an hour waiting to be seated somewhere and we were starting to get testy when Kris brilliantly thought to go to Peace Garden. We opened the door to the building and it was an oasis of calm. We both ordered Mother India's Thali Plate which consisted of a delicious dahl, Kashmiri curry, brown rice, a samosa or bonda and salad and chutneys. All vegetarian of course. Maybe vegan except for the yogurt and the lassis we had. The lassi was overpoweringly rosey tasting, but I'll give it another chance. The lady told me it was sort of an experiment and next time she'd add less rose. Weird.

So if you're looking for a quiet vegan friendly place in the market, with very fair prices, and a good selection of amazing looking salads, sandwiches, and Indian inspired stuff, I recommend Peace Garden. They'll be very, VERY happy to serve you.

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amarilla said...

Hey, I love hippies too. I'm heading to Peace Garden, next time I'm in Ottawa, which will be the first time I'm in Ottawa.

Thanks for linking to Brooklynometry. I love the name of your blog, and that's a bomb of a banana you've got there. Happy blogging!