Thursday, July 17, 2008

No More Nagina

The bad news is our beloved Nagina is gone. The good news is Bombay Dining is here and it's good! They've been open in Nagina's old spot at 217 Rideau for 2 weeks and I had the pleasure of tasting their lunch buffet yesterday.

Friends Emily and Jethro and I were looking for somewhere to eat in close proximity to the big LCBO and, looking for Nagina, we settled for Bombay Dining and sat down inside before realizing it was the same place. They've spruced up the interior just a bit and have a bigger buffet than Nagina did. There were no labels on the dishes, so I don't know what anything was called, but they had all the usual dishes: tandoori chicken, butter chicken, a chick pea thing, a vegetable thing, a zuchinni thing, pakoras...
My favorite thing and Emily's was a cardamom chicken dish with a greyish brown sauce which I've never seen anywhere else. It was delicious! In fact everything was. Everything was fresh and fragrant. It was lighter and more delicate than what you usually find at Indian buffet. And for only $9.95! (on weekends too!) Emily insisted, however, that I tell you their ice cream freezer was too cold and she couldn't work the scoop.

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